Today is Apr 10, 2020

NollarWind Development

Status report

Backend development

I thought I had the backend software all figured out but things have taken a bit of a hard left turn.  The primary developer of the software changed directions of the development and has not been very easy to work with on fixing bugs in earlier distribution.

I am working with another developer to fork the development (take underlying code in a different direction) into something more useable.  We have progress but are still converting code and testing.

Weather collection

The weather server has been collecting data since December 8, 2008.  Station data is sampled every 2 ½ seconds, which provides a number of data packets that are recorded every 10 seconds.  This data is summarized and uploaded every 5 minutes to this web site, the National Weather Service, NOAA, and several other private weather services.

Weather trends

I am working on a presentation for weather trend information. When finished you access to the following information.

Graphical data for:

  • 24-hours
  • 7-days
  • month
  • year

Highs and lows for all the data collected for:

  • 24-hours
  • 7-days
  • month
  • year
  • all time

Weather forecast

I am also working on a forecast feature.  It is functioning correctly, but needs to be integrated into the presentation format. Frankly, I haven't had time to address it.  When completed you will have a "Manchester" specific weather forecast interface with email subscriptions and a RSS feed.

What's next

Weather cam

I would like to setup a weather cam.  If anybody has a digital camera that they are not using and would like to donate to the cause let me know.

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Solar sensor

I will likely add a solar sensor sometime this spring.  Once we have that I can create a fancy-pants formula to calculate the amount of solar energy we can create if we install solar panels. Once we know this it will be easy enough to caluclate a return on investment for solar panel installation.