Today is Apr 09, 2020

About NollarWind

The objective of this site is to provide a source of local (Manchester, Michigan, not Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Adrian, or Jackson) current and forecasted weather and to maintain a researchable database of local weather history.

Where is the weather station is located 2 ½ miles west of the Village of Manchester, Michigan, just south of the intersection of Austin & Sharon Hollow.

What's the point

Have you notice that "Going Green" is everywhere these days. 

In an effort to reduce my carbon footprint and my dependency on costly energy, foreign or otherwise, I have developed an interest in alternative energy technologies.

The first thing I considered was solar energy. But "conventional wisdom" said; not in Michigan, too many clouds. When I looked into wind generators, once again "conventional wisdom" said; not in Michigan, not enough wind.

I don't believe the wind story.  See What's in a name below. Before investing in a wind generator because my instincts say I have enough wind, I decide to verify by actually measuring.  So you and I have a way to measure local winds.

During my investigation I have also learned more about solar technology opportunities.  Look for a solar sensor to be installed soon.  Likely this spring.

Who owns and operates NollarWind

NollarWind is owned and operated by Jeff Whitman.

What's in a name

It seems as if there is ALWAYS a breeze at our home.  In fact, most of the summer I am pushing my gas grill around the house looking for a place that the wind won't blow out the flame.  We have nick-named the constant breeze, the "Nollar Wind." Hence, the name.

Who sponsors NollarWind

Nobody just yet.  Maybe after the site is fully developed and I see lots of traffic I may look for local sponsorship.